Here are my Iron Chef photos.  We had a great time.  We would have had more fun if we knew where anything was in all of our boxes.  Enjoy the pics!   Click to leave any comments.
Iron Chef
Iron Chef 2007
Battle Lemon!
This is the part where we put in the secret ingredients.. shh!
Don’t get in my way while I’m cooking or I’ll cut ya!
Well at least my sauce didn’t burn...
Before the Cooking...
How long can raw Tuna sit out safely?
Let Battle Lemon Commence!
We could tell you what’s in it, but then we’d have to kill you.
What, me nervous?!?!
Whistle while you work...
The Judges!  10 pounds lighter...
Ok, stop asking what this was supposed to be...
Preparation, preparation, and Preparation!
I promise, if I am voted top chef to keep a chicken in every pot....
It’s Good to be a Judge!
Now is a “One” good or bad on the scoresheet?
Mikes hard lemon sangria... Not a big favorite.
It’s Good to be a Judge!
Serve from the right, clear from the left.  (Or is it the other way?)
Food for everyone else, finally, we’re starving!
Look, I have made this man happy with my glorious food!
Lemon Tiramisu with Blackberry sauce & lemon-cello soaked lady fingers.
When will Marc stop talking about his Lemon Tiramisu?
Is this the part where we get to eat???
Honestly, I don’t know how many calories are in there...
Please Sir, May I have another?
You have to taste this...
Wait, how much alcohol is in this??? 8-)
Another drink for the judges... Yummmm!
Did we mention it is Good to be a Judge?
I’ll be your best friend if you  vote for Me!
What is this again?
Well, I’ll tell you...
Three deserts in one day... That’s just SO wrong!
Richard, No Buttering up the Judges!
And the winner is...
Hey, I wasn’t even a judge, don’t blame me.
Hooray for Richard the victorious.
All Hail the glorious Gift Certificate to
William Sonoma
I cooked my A** off for 3 months and all I got was this certificate?  ;-)
Ah Yes!  A job well done! Does anyone know what we use this tool for?
Who’s going to clean up this mess?